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●操作简单,电脑自动控制系统,中文大屏幕液晶显示,洗涤过程一目了然,洗涤程序随意选定。 ●蒸汽加热及电加热可选用,排水采用下排水,可用软管引至地沟,保持室内清洁。 ●加料箱采用热水冲料解决了碱粉不易溶于冷水,结垢的弊病。 ●脱水安控制功能,当不平衡力过大时自动停止并报警。 ●低水位自动控制系统、电脑程序控制,兼带手动4种水位设定可选,水温自动控制任选。



技术参数 Technical parameters
         型号 model
项目 item
TSX-100 TSX-70 TSX-50 TSX-30
洗涤额定容量( kg) Washing rated capacity 100 70 50 30
转笼(mm) Gxl cage gxl 1200×820 1200×626 1070×610 900×500
洗衣转速(rpm) Laundry speed 32 34 36 36
脱脱水转速(rpm) High speed removal
670 670 700 720
电机功率(KW) Motor power 7.5 7.5 5.5 4
蒸汽管通径(mm) Drain pipe sizes 25 25 25 20
冷热水管通径(mm) Hot and cold water
pipes Path
40 40 40 30
排水管通径(mm) Drain pipe sizes ø160 ø140 ø140 ø140
耗水量 (kg/一洗二漂) Tap water pressure 1181 924 758 473
耗汽耗比 The consumption f steamconsumption than/kg 0.9 0.9 0.9 0.9
自来水压力(Mpa) Tap water pressure 0.2-0.3 0.2-0.3 0.2-0.3 0.2-0.3
蒸汽压力(Mpa) Steam pressure 0.4-0.6 0.4-0.6 0.4-0.6 0.4-0.6
噪声(B) Noised >70 >70 >70 >70
长×宽×(mm) Dimension (width) 1770×1860×2300 1770×1800×2300 1600×1500×1920 1400×1380×1760
整机重量(kg) Machine weigh 3200 2700 2500 1800
 功能点Feature and functions
●The wash room, the wash escape the bucket horizontal type install; In the gallbladder uses the high quality stainless steel material welding to become. The essential spare part uses the import or the domestic high quality brand; For example: The frequency changer uses LG, the main bearing uses American iron to be willing.
●Uses entire aerosol absorption of shock structure and the frequency conversion actuation, the acceleration is steady, melts machine's vibration effectively, high speed oscillation amplitude centimeter 1.5MM, the dehydrated strength achieves 270KG, after the dehydration, the clothing water content surpasses the national standards, does not need the ground.
●Frequency changer uses the LG frequency changer, may according to need to establish the rotational speed willfully.
●Simplicity of operator, the computer completely automatic control system, Chinese large screen liquid crystal display that the wash process is clear, the wash procedure designated at will.
●Steam heating and the electric heating may select, under draining water uses drains water, the available hose directs to the trench, maintains indoor clean.
●Added the feed box to use the hot water to flush the material to solve the alkali powder not to be easy to dissolve in cold water, scaling disease.
●Dehydration safety control function, when the balance force is not over sized the automatic stopping and reports to the police.
●Height water level automatic control system, the entire computer programmed control, the concurrently belt manual 4kind of water level hypothesis may elect, the water temperature automatic control is optional.
●Security door lock and the control lineage , has the protection function, (when equipment moves can refuse to open the door and so on immoderate.
●Organism and the foundation use the welding structure, the machine interior, the exterior all structures use the anti spoiled ability strong epoxy resin varnish, the organism exterior kneading board use the stainless steel plate to make.
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