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●采用的可编程微电脑控制系统,超大屏幕显示,实现中文人机对话,能自动立完成加水、加热、洗涤、加剂、匀布、脱干等功能,并实现多种故障自检和操作提示。 ●采用新MFS减震、吸震、避震系统,德国原装进口减震组件,有效地防止了脱干时各方向的不平衡振动;设备完无需殊基础固定,震动超小,噪声小。 ●采用变频无调速控制,可转速的线性攀升和转换要求,可任意达到所需的脱干率。 ●设计的电脑加剂系统,所有辅料实行一次加剂,电脑执行,合理的冷热洗涤、脱干一体化,洗净度,使得整机功能齐,


功能点Feature and functions
●Advanced programmable microcomputer control system, large screen display, realize human-machine dialogue, can independently add water, heating, washing, additive, uniform, dry off, and other functions, and achieve a variety of breakdown self check and operation hints.
●Using the latest MFS damping, shock absorption, suspension system, the German original installation import suspension components, effectively prevent the take off when the unbalance vibration of each direction. Fixed without special equipment, and ultra small vibration, low noise.
●The full frequency conversion stepless speed regulation control, can satisfy the requirement of the speed fast linear rise and conversion, can reach any desired to take off the drying rate.
●Advanced design unique computer plus agent system, all the accessories for an additive, computers, the reasonable integration of cold and hot washing, dry off, high XiJingDu, makes the machine fully functional, superior performance.
●Bearing, shaft seal adopts imported well-known brand, door seal USES the heat resistance, corrosion resistance of fluorine rubber sealing ring, solved the equipment when using slack phenomenon, make the laundry room clean, clean.
●Internal and external roller adopt imported high quality mirror stainless steel, corrosion resistance is strong, smooth wall, make sure there is no stains remaining in the cylinder, effectively prevent secondary pollution of fabric.
●Mould level is high, the roller adopts the most advanced European non-trace spinning technology a forming, welding, higher strength, durability, and beautiful atmosphere.
●Large diameter loading door, throw clothes more convenient save Labour, and is equipped with a safety lock, manual and automatic control.
●Frequency converter, the control system or electrical components adopt international famous brand, to ensure that the equipment performance is stable and reliable, durable.


                       型号 model
项目 item
单位/unit Yxt-60 Yxt-120
容 量 Should the amount of kg 60 120
直 径 Straight path mm 1082 1316
深 度 Deep degree mm 626 822
洗涤转速 The washing speed r/min 30 30
脱转速 High speed r/min 700 650
电机功率 The motor power kw 5.5 11
变频器功率 The inverter power kw 7.5 15
蒸汽耗量 The steam consumption of kg 45 90
进水管径 The water pipe diameter inch 1 ½
蒸汽管径 The steam pipe diameter inch 1 1
长*宽(深)* long*Wide*high mm 1470*1561*1950 1770*1800*2100
机器净重 Machine net weight kg 3000 4500


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