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50kg烘干机(橙色)-1 功能点Feature and functions ●自动双层烘干一体机基于烘干机有机整合,实现一机多用的基础上开发研制而成。烘干可以同时进行。自动双层烘干机是由上下两部分组成,为国内的上下双层立式结构机型烘干机。 ●烘干机部采用电脑板集中控制。一台机器完代替传统的烘干机两台机器。整机结构合理、紧凑,占地面积节省。



型号 model
项目 item
YHG-210 YHG-212 YHG-215 YHG-218
甩干转速(rpm) Spinning speed 800 800 800 800
烘干容量(kg) Capacity 10 12 15 18
烘干滚筒直径(mm) Drum diameter of dryer 680 680 740 750
烘干滚筒深度(mm) Drum deep of diameter 570 680 500 645
烘干转速(rpm) Drying rotate speed 46 46 46 46
电功率 Electric power  
烘干驱动电机(W) Electric drive of dryer 90 90 90 90
烘干加热器(KW) Heating rate of dryer 6 9 12 15
风机功率(KW) Fan power 0.55 0.55 0.55 0.55
装机电容量(KW) Installed electricity capacity 20 20 20 20
进水口(inch) Water inlet 1/2" 1/2" 1/2" 1/2"
排水口(inch) Water outlet 2" 2" 2" 2"
排风口(mm) Air outlet Φ100 Φ100 Φ100 Φ100
外形尺寸 Overall dimension  
宽(mm) Wide 880 980 1030 1080
深(mm) Deep 800 900 980 980
(mm) High 1975 1975 1975 2075
整机重量 Machine’s  
净重(Kg) Net 170 190 230 250
毛重(Kg Gross 220 240 280 300
 功能点Feature and functions
●Automatic double-dryer drying machine based on organic integration, to achieve developed from a machine basis. It has drying can be performed simultaneously. Automatic double-eluting bake one machine is composed of two parts with the upper and lower bunk for domestic first vertical structure models dryer.
●All functions drying use the LCD Control fully programmable, microprocessor with multi-programs. The one set machine can instead of two set separately dryer. This machine friendly design and save space .
●Dryer uses an axial inlet form (under the front and rear motivated) than conventional radial inlet form more effective use of thermal energy and shorten the drying time than conventional radial inlet mode more efficient use of energy, reduce drying time and cost savings.
●Double structure occupies a very small space, easy to move, easy to maintain.
●Using the latest technology, dryer main motor adopts Italian multi-polar energy-saving motors (power less than 100W) power saving, low noise. Overall performance is more robust and stable, optimal cost-effective small drying machine.
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