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●采用中、英文电脑,可实现中文人机对话,故障自检及自动监控功能,根据经验任意编写洗涤程序,可实现洗涤、脱干、烘干自动控制;自动可编程操作。 ●变频无调速控制,降低噪音,速脱干更加平稳可靠。 ●设有转笼门开门活性碳吸附自动回收装置,转笼门开门自动抽吸,有效保护操作者的健康和洗衣房环境。减少衣物四氯乙烯气体的残留量,环保节能。 ●德国西门子动力,欧洲风格设计,结构紧凑美观,封闭制冷回收系统,电脑板、制冷回收系统、各种气动阀、电磁阀、低压电器、轴承、油封等主要部件部采用国内外品牌,性能更加


 功能点Feature and functions

●The Chinese and English computer, can realize the Chinese manmachine dialogue, fault detection and automatic monitoring function, according to the experience of any write washing procedures, can realize the washing, dewatering and drying automatic control; automatic programmable operation.
●Frequency conversion step less speed control, lower noise, more stable high dewatering.
●Has transferred automatically activated carbon adsorptionvrecovery kennel door, turn kennel door automatic pumping, the effective protection of the operator's health and the laundry room environment. Reducing clothing PCE gas residues, environmental protection and energy saving.
●Germany's Siemens power,European style design, compact structure, full closed refrigeration recovery system, a computer board, refrigeration recovery system, all kinds of pneumatic components valve, electromagnetic valve, low-
voltage electrical appliances, bearings, seals and other all use well-known brands at home and abroad, the performance is more stable and reliable. Spindle adopts advanced technology of the maintenance free, lifetime without refueling and maintenance.
●The unique and advanced refrigeration recovery system, environmental protection and economy in one of the sets, not only effectively improves the solvent recovery, and ensure the environmental protection, health.
●Inside and outside the cage, air duct system, button collector, liquid water separator and distillation cooling tower, distillation and other key components are high quality stainless steel structure, large caliber loading door, fetching clothes more conveniently, the rotor cage by punching technology unique, mesh than similar products, the 1GR18NI9TI stainless steel, wear the rate of small no injuries clothes, high cleanliness.
●The three cylinder double filter structure, nylon centrifugal filter device, filter systems using super filtration system of Japanese cherry blossom, strong adsorption capacity, good effect, the average 25-30 washing machine recovery distillation time, light colored clothing can be washed, compared with other similar products by distillation for several times, complete distillation, the four dirty liquid of vinyl chloride fully recovered, dirty sewage discharged after distillation in the dry state, saving water and electricity 50, high heat energy utilization rate, the best price performance machine.
●The automatic washing function with solvent and solvent box mirror box. Without manual dis-assembly and cleaning, saving time and labor, to prevent the four vinyl chloride leak effectively, protect the environment and the health of operators.
●Button collector, fuzz collector adopts unique toughened glass cover, does not need to be opened to check. In appearance, safety, environmental protection, the use of strong.


型号 model
项目 item
洗涤容量 Water Capacity 10-12
洗衣缸尺寸 Washing Cylinder 690×440
容积载荷比 Capacity/Load Ratio 20
洗涤速度 Washing Speed 40
脱干速度 Spinning Speed 400
油缸1容积  Oil Cylinder Capacity 80
油缸2容积 No.2 Oil Cylinder Capacity 80
油缸3容积 No.3 Oil Cylinder  Capacity 110
蒸馏箱容积 Distillation Tank Capacity 130
尼过容积 Nylon Filter Capacity 25
洗涤电机功率 Power of Washing Motor 0.4
脱干电机功率 Power of Spinning Motor 1.5
泵功率 Power of Pump 0.55
风机功率 Power of Air Blower 0.75
尼过电机功率 Power of Nylon Filter Motor 0.37
烘干功率 Power of Drying Heater 6
蒸馏功率 Distillation Power 5.4/7.2
压缩机功率 Power of Compressor 1.5
噪音小于等于 Noise 70
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