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技术参数Technical parameters
型号 model
项目 item
负荷量 load capacity 210KG/hr
水分蒸发量 evaporation capacity 400KG/hr
蒸汽消耗量 evaporation consume 1425mm
内眮 drum size
直径 diameter 1,708mm
深度 deep 2,700L
容积 volume 36rpm
回转数 revolution 12.7mm方形 square
冲孔 punching 200m3
鼓风机风量 air quantity of air blower 1,100*600mm
门开口前 closed door size Ψ1,337mm
门开口后 opening door size 触控面板 touch plate
控制方式 control type 2.2KW*4P
内眮 drum 11KW*4P
鼓风机 air blower 13.2KW
合计容量 total capacity 2″
蒸汽 steam 11/2″
冷凝水 condensate 3/8″
空压 Air compressor 7.0kg/cm2
所需蒸汽压 steam pressure 40NL/次 time
空气消耗量 air consume Ψ620mm或or 3020cm
排风管断面 sectional area if venting  pipe 3相 phase380υ 50HZ
电源 power supply 10mm2
电气配线 electric lines 30A
大电流 max electric current 75A
机械尺寸 dimension 2084W*2960D*2885H(mm)
整机重量 weight 2,263kg
●Single volume 20KG dryer volume reached 2700 liters, super capacity, make clothing fully spread out; the inner cylinder 12.7MM square punching, improve ventilation effect; touch LCD panel, Chinese operation, simple operation; a variety of programs, can according to different linen set free. The side draw out type cotton net, cleaning and maintenance is convenient; design after the forward, both the isolation effect, safety and sanitation; the configuration of PLC, can connect with a tunnel washing achine; he back door a minute quick exhaust, manpower, resources, high efficiency, realize full automation, the inner cylinder electrostatic cleaning device to avoid static electricity caused by fire; abnormal type, buzzer alarm, and the machine stops running, and can restart and troubleshooting; machine additional note oil device, protect the bearings. According to your height laundry site customization; long service life and easy maintenance for dehydration of the fabric was scattered, finishing and thorough drying as a continuous type washing machine or washing machine equipment, and pressure dewatering machine or centrifugal dewatering machine. Provide excellent drying effect and efficient design, air flow rate and moisture extraction rate makes the ideal machine have the characteristics of high productivity and low energy consumption.     
●Drying capacity ranging from 60 kg to 120 kg, meet the system demand drying laundry dragon.
●Flexible and simple operation, dryer set 15 different drying procedures, parameters can be set and adjusted.
●Stable performance, rugged, all contact with the cloth grass surfaces are made ​​of 304 stainless steel.
●Cilia filter and recycle bin is designed to ensure efficient drying effect and low power consumption of the machine.
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